Bio. Thyrhael

DJ, Producer, Musician, “Rumble Prod”Co-Founder.

Florian Benyamina aka Thyrhael despite his relative young age have a long musical background herited firstly by his father also a reputed music professional. he learned guitar and drums young then  started playing in rock/metal bands that will soon become internationaly known while he was still a teenager. His interest for electronic music will soon follow, attracted by heavy sounds of emergant music genre like Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Electro House and started learning Djing and electronic music production skills before co-founding “Rumble Prod” (Recording/Production Studio in the heart of Paris) with Benjamin D’Amico and Brice Matter (The Matter). Thyrhael played in various clubs mostly in France and Spain like Dcibelia (Spain) & The Klub (Paris). Florian Benyamina also happen to be a renowned French Cuisine Chef who worked in places like “Le Parlement Des Graves” (Bordeaux), Le Grand Hotel (Bordeaux), Lutecia (Paris).