Etienne Jeanne

Musician, Event manager.

Etienne started playing the guitar at the age of 10, in France, and quickly got linked to the gypsy community, whom he learned to play jazz with. He then decided to move to Paris, aged 17, to get a living as a professional musician, playing in Russian “cabarets” all nights (Jaguaroff,Raspoutine, Nikita..) and doing gigs as a jazz guitar player as well (Caveau de la Huchette, Duc des Lombards, 3 Mailletzs, Montana..). Etienne has developed skills for playing any kinds of folk repertoire (Russian, gypsy, Spanish, Brazilian, French..) as any kind of jazz music, from be-bop to fusion, performing on both electric an acoustic guitar.

He’s now aged 27, living in Shanghai,and performed in every major places for live music (JZ Club, Brown Sugar, House of Blues and JAZZ, Cotton Club, the Waldorf-Astoria’s Long Bar), playing with artists such as Laura Fygi,Coco Zhao, Jhonny Joseph, Burhan Ocal, Swing Dynasty, and formed his own trio composed of strings only : “Wayne’s basement”(with Jay Lasry on guitar and EJ Parker on double-bass).

Etienne also played an important role in the entertainment part of the 2010 Shanghai World expo, organizing concerts for the French pavilion, Belgium and the European Community, as for the U.S.A. pavilion, regularly tours in Europe for Jazz Festivals and recently been a guest of the chinese version of American Idol (Chinese Idol).


Etienne Jeanne
Chinese Idol (2013).

12Bis Blues
By Wayne’s Basement (jeanne/lasry/parker)

Wayne’s Basement
Shanghai EXPO-2010.