Lost Data

Lost Data is born in winter 2008-2009 with Benjamin D’Amico & Etienne Jeanne. Friends of long date, both coming from radicaly different musical environment but both passionate by new technologies & music production, they both started exploring and tweaking various sound materials influenced by their respective musical backgrounds, blending acoustic, synthetic & sampling elements. It soon became clear to them that they were at the rise of a very exciting new project, Lost Data. After a year working in studio for various artists and communication agencies (Proximity BBDO, Barrera Prod…) creating original music for TV commercials, arranging, recording & mixing various musical projects while working on the Lost Data project, they finaly took the road playing live in France and Asia during summer 2009.

Since, Lost Data have been involved in many collaborations in studio & on stage, LOgO Club (Shanghai, CN), Lune (Shanghai,CN), YYT Yuyintang (Shanghai,CN), Shelter (Shanghai,CN), Le Gambetta (Paris,FR), La Frégate (Paris,FR)…, Maxime Lenik (Xeum), Lin Di (Cold Fairy Land, 林笛), Jeremy Lasry (Wayne’s Basement, Cold Fairyland) and the Remix of Sanne Gottlieb’s (EMI) song “Jump of the roof (Lost Data Remix)” also remixed by Xeum and Emrah Celik.