by Tsafira

A duo project from 2016 with Rim Amine (singer) and Benjamin D’Amico Duffo (Producer). This E.P offers aerial and meditative voices enveloped in soft repetitive volutes of electronic music textures.
Genre: Electronic: Ambient
Release Date: 2019

Time’s Ticking Away

by Tsafira

Second E.P from Tsafira, blending hot R&B vibes with cold ethereal synth waves and powerful lyrical content. 2016
Genre: Electronic: Down Tempo
Release Date: 2019

Duo project starting in 2016 with Rim Amine (singer) and Benjamin D’Amico Duffo (Producer)

Singer, writer, interpreter & comedian from Casablanca (Morocco)

She made an appearence in the french version of Pop Idol tv show in 2016. Regulary performing in Paris (France) notably “La Petite Mercerie”, the “Nadia & Lili Boulanger conservatory”, collaborating and giving her voice to multiple artists and now also part of the “Uzine” at Casablanca, Morocco, an atypical and artistic third-place combining transmission, diffusion and creation.

Benjamin d’Amico Duffo is the founder of “+PROFUZE+ Collective” artist collective based in Paris (FR), Shanghai (CHN) & Marrakech (MA). Composer and performer for “Lost Data”, “F.O.S.U”, “Tsafira”. Co founder of Rumble Prod with Florian Benyamina (Thyrhael) and Brice Matter (The Matter), Recording/Production Studio in the heart of Paris, DJing residency at LOgO Club (Shanghai, CN), Lune (Shanghai,CN) and live performances at YYT Yuyintang (Shanghai,CN), Shelter (Shanghai,CN), Bric à Brac Bar (Paris,FR), Le Klub (Paris,FR)…, aswell as collaborating with artists including Maxime Lenik (Xeum), Lin Di (Cold Fairy Land, 林笛), Jeremy Lasry (Wayne’s Basement, Cold Fairyland), Charlie Didjelirium (Uprooted Sunshine, Original fools), Frédérik Dezé (Tu Shung Peng), Fabio Machado (Alive DJ), Gauthier Roubichou (Lions of Puxi), F.O.S.U. and the Remix of Sanne Gottlieb’s (EMI) song “Jump of the roof (Lost Data Remix)” also remixed by Xeum and Emrah Celik.

With Tsafira they have been part of a music video project called “Damn Right” involving “+PROFUZE+ Collective”,“Le 6B”, “UNBRKBL™ Clothings” and “Paris VIII University” and “Paris Dance School”.


Serge Glissant


Nathalie Agogué


“Macacrew” Laura Maillard, Nicolas Jacquet, Ransay Pommier, Valentin Pruvost, Marine Veyrat & Marion Michelle from Paris Dance School.
Rim Amine, Malone Glissant, Benjamin D’Amico, Fabienne Turpaud, Fabrice-Emmanuel Roux.
Rim Amine
Malone Glissant
Benjamin D’Amico Duffo
PARIS VIII University
Le 6B

“Damn Right” have been played and well received by the audience during the 2017 year-end show of “Paris Dance School” at “Théatre du Gymnase”.

UNBRKBL™ Clothings
Founded in 2014, UNBRKBL ™ (unbreakable) draws its energy at the heart of urban culture. BMX, Skateboarding, hip-hop … are all sources of inspiration for this modern and dynamic brand.


Multidisciplinary and multi-purpose cultural space, place of creation and multidisciplinary communication (over 3,000 m²) which brings together professionals, associations and enthusiasts (artists, architects, musicians, filmmakers, graphic artists, artisans, social workers…). Each one carries out his/her task, or art, in one of the eighty workshops and offices and participates in the life of the 1,000m² of common spaces to create, of conviviality and communication (exhibition space, screening room, dance hall, non-profit making restaurant…).


To this day, Université Paris 8 has always insisted on maintaining a strong link between research and teaching, adapting teaching methods to different kinds of audiences, and providing education for all at every stage of life


Formation pluridisciplinaire, classique, modern’jazz, spécialisée en HipHop. Cours de danse enfants/ados, stages toute l’année.